Our Story

柴院:Pronounced ‘Chai Yuan’, means ‘Firewood Yard’. In traditional Beijing households, the Firewood Yard is a place where they gather for cooking, feasting, and celebrating. The morning breath of fresh air in the Firewood Yard is not simply taking in the scent of the Beijing atmosphere, but a respiratory trip down memory lane and a yearning to return there without any excuses needed. We at Chai NYC seek to bring that same joyous atmosphere to the grand city of New York.

Chef Anthony Wang brings you exactly what the locals enjoy at home. From dishes with royal history to humble origins, the variety on our menu extends beyond the walls of a Beijing home. We’re the only place in the neighborhood where you can pair seasonal vegetables & homey meat sauce mixed in hand-pulled noodles with an extravagant combination of sea cucumber, abalone, tendon and saffron in a golden chicken stock.

Of course, with a new environment comes the need to adapt. Before you consider elsewhere for a either a classic or fancy cocktail, we want you to consider three things:

  1. Give us a try instead.
  2. You might be surprised.
  3. You might not go anywhere else after.

Us serving one of the best Old Fashioned’s you’ll ever have is not us boasting, but just us simply quoting many of our customers. We’ve also been told that our bartenders pull out all the stops and that our bar leaves customers wanting for nothing more. To that, we say…

“You should see our kitchen.”

One thing that we share in common with our regulars (and we have many), is that we consider this beloved establishment our second home. And so, we at Chai NYC invite you to our second home to feast, celebrate and make it yours as well.